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I have this great floor, now how do I take care of it?
Proper maintenance of wood floors equals years of enjoyment.  By proper maintenance we mean do not clean your floor with any soaps, or use foreign material on it, such as: dusting aids, painting products or oils.

After 3 weeks, you may wash your floor with a sponge mop or well rung cloth, using cool water and white vinegar. The ratio should be 1 cup white vinegar with one gallon of cool water. Wipe dry with a towel.

Never wax a Swedish finished floor. 

Vacuum with a wide brush attachment, broom, or dust mop.

Do not use spray type dusting aids.

If you have a Swedish Finish you can purchase maintenance products at .
You can also purchase water based products from Bona X at or 800-574-4674.

Many clients ask about Murphy's wood floor oil soap. Murphy's oil soap must be rinsed 100% after use.


How long will my floor installation take?
Jobs vary regarding the time required for installation.  Factors that affect this are:  type of wood; added inlays; square footage; color of floor stain; number of finish coatings.  Each of these factors affects the installation or refinish time.  After your floor has been finaled your floor should receive special care for the first 3 weeks.  Your estimator can give you all the details.

What is the best floor type for me?
You’ll want to choose your floor based on your lifestyle, and your personal style.   Wood flooring can match any decorating style.  Look through our photo gallery and flooring samples to find what you like and our staff is available to answer all of your questions.

Dust free?
Having a wood floor refinished or installed creates a lot of dust.
We offer two levels of dust control options depending on your personal comfort and budget needs.  Though some companies may offer "dust free" work, you would find that completely dust free is simply not possible.  

Two normal height doorways to the area worked on will be visqueened off at no charge. 

1.  Additional cabinets or doorways etc. can be visqueened off.  Consult your
     estimator for the cost depending on your specific needs.

2.  Dust containment reduces floor dust by 90%. Cost is $150.00 flat rate per job.


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