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All wood floor inspection is done from a standing position.

As a wood flooring industry standard, to inspect your finished floor use the "Five-Two Rule":

If you stand five foot high - look at a spot in the floor for two seconds and still see an irregularity, then and only then do you have a problem.


Wood as a natural product can have variations beyond our control and though human limitations cannot produce a work of perfection, we do provide great quality.  Let us explain.

Inspection should be done with normal lighting.  Glare, particularly from large windows or any other high powered lighting system only magnifies any irregularity in the floor and should not determine acceptance.

We are working in a house, not a dust free booth of a furniture factory. Imperfections such as an eyelash, floor brush bristle, insect or a small bit of grit may appear in the finish and are beyond our ability to control. Also please note that our machines are engineered to get as close as possible to existing baseshoe or baseboards and this can put nick or scratch marks on the boards. These are unforeseen and could require touch ups on the customer’s part. Although we try our best not to, when stains are applied, they are applied by rags that will touch side boards and require touchup.  Wood may rise slightly in a small area after finishing. Wood also expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity. Going through a heating cycle over several seasons can cause movement of the wood and is part of the floor.  Linseed Oil putty can help fill minor cracks that appear and it comes in colors to match your floor. Please note that filling in holes can leave a concave appearance. Nails may show on a natural floor after they have been previously stained. Fir floors can turn out blotchy due to traffic over the years and bruising of the wood itself. These factors cannot be controlled in a refinish process.

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