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Installation & Floor Finishing - Preparation  

Hardwood Kitchen Floors

The following is a list of preparation that you are responsible for before we can begin our part.

  • All subfloor must be clean prior to any install work
  • Rooms need operable lights
  • Both 110 and 220 volt power must be available
  • Heating system must work
  • Doors and windows must be installed
  • Do not cover windows. This restricts light needed for sanding and coatings.
  • Furniture, appliances and radiators need to be taken out of the work area
  • *All carpet, nails, staples, tack strips, plaster, debris and glue should be removed from the work areas.
  • Toilets and *pedestal sinks must be removed in any bathroom(s) where wood flooring is being installed or refinished. We are not authorized to do plumbing for the public.  We cannot disconnect or connect toilets or ice makers in refrigerators. 
  • For a refinish only a pedestal sink does not need to be removed.
  • Fireplaces need to be free from ashes.
  • Mail drops need to be securely taped shut.
  •   Pianos or any wood furniture should not be covered by visqueen but any clothe that can breathe. Please contact your local piano tuner or dealer to offer advice for preparing or removing your instrument through the sanding and finishing.
  • Edibles should be covered or refrigerated.
  • All soft goods, such as drapes, blinds, upholstered furniture, or lampshades should be covered or removed.
  • Special items such as sound equipment or computers don't do well with dust and should also be removed.
  • People, pets (including fish) and plants need to be removed from the house.
  •   Turn off all alarms and leave detailed instructions if you want alarms reset when we leave.
  •   Remove or cover carbon monoxide detectors as they may be activated or damaged by the solvents.
  • Set thermostat to 70 degrees prior to our arrival.
  • Leave instructions on how to use any electronic thermostat or air cleaning devices.

*Prep work such as removing carpet, vinyl, or mastic can be contracted in advance with us at an hourly rate, just talk to your estimator.   We offer referrals for the removal of ceramic tile, stone or sub floor reconstruction.

*For a refinish only a pedestal sink does not need to be removed.


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