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Smart Process

Our process for your flooring needs is designed to be convenient.

Online Estimate

Our online estimate will provide you with a ballpark estimate for the cost of your job.

Onsite Detailed Estimate

Regardless of which of our services you desire you can email or call us to schedule an onsite detailed estimate.

Detailed estimates vary depending on the type of service requested and may include:

* determination of square footage
* refinishing verses recoating
* dust control option selected
* inlays or vents desired
* standard or custom staining
* type of floor finish.

Choosing Your Floor

You may know exactly what you want for your new finish or new wood floor but many people do not. Our expert crew can provide you with all the information you need to make these important decisions as well as answer any questions that you may have. Because we pride ourselves on doing excellent work for our clients, we choose to work with companies that have the same level of commitment to their clients. Several of our wholesale distributors open their showrooms to our customers. We would be glad to consult with them on price and availability for you.

Scheduling the Job

Christian Brother's Floor Service is reliable. With 5 fully equipped flooring vans, you can be sure that your job is our priority. Once you have scheduled the job our goal is to arrive on time and work on schedule.

Before We Begin

There is preparation that you are responsible for before we can begin our part. We will provide you with a list of items to be take care of. You can read the complete list on this site under the installation section. Prep work such as removing carpet, vinyl, or mastic can be contracted in advance with us at an hourly rate, just talk to your estimator. We offer referrals for the removal of ceramic tile, stone or sub floor reconstruction.

Dust Control Options

Having a wood floor refinished or installed creates a lot of dust.
We offer two levels of dust control options depending on your personal comfort and budget needs. Though some companies may offer "dust free" work, you would find that completely dust free is simply not possible.

Normal doorways to the area worked on will be visqueened off at no charge.

1. Additional cabinets or doorways etc. can be visqueened off. Consult your
estimator for the cost depending on your specific needs.

2. Dust containment reduces floor dust by 90%. Cost is $150.00

While We're Working

Our employees are pleasant and sharp. We will arrive on schedule and during a job our floor mechanics and refinishers are available to our customers by phone.

Jobs vary regarding the time required for installation. Factors that affect this are: Type of wood; added inlays; square footage; color of floor stain; number of finish coatings. One day is usually required per finish coating.

Getting Back In

Treat just finished floors with care, especially for the first 2-3 weeks. To enjoy the full value of your investment it is very important to follow the instructions for reentry and early use of your wood floors.

Care of your floors begins with learning from our crew or estimator the time you may re-enter your home or building.

Enter only after that time in stocking feet and open the windows to ventilate the area, then leave the home/building immediately.

Re-enter the building after a 1 hour minimum of ventilation.

Wait 24 hours before re-entering with shoes.

Wait for at least 3 days before putting heavy furniture on the floors. Do not slide or roll heavy furniture on your floor.  Furniture pads need to be underneath all furniture you will be moving in and out.  A refrigerator will dent wood flooring.  Use ¼ in. plywood or 1/8 in. plastic to bring in a refrigerator.  Rolling casters also need furniture pads as they do a lot of wear on wood flooring.

Allow 3 weeks before covering floors with area rugs of any kind. This allows for the finish to cure properly.

Baseboard should be installed after the floor work is not only installed, but finished.

After 3 weeks, you may wash your floor with a sponge mop or well rung cloth, using cool water and white vinegar. The ratio should be 1 cup white vinegar with one gallon of cool water. Wipe dry with a towel.

Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance of wood floors equals years of enjoyment. By proper maintenance we mean do not clean your floor with any soaps, or use foreign material on it, such as: dusting aids, painting products or oils.

Wash your floor with a sponge mop or well rung cloth, using cool water and white vinegar. The ratio should be 1 cup white vinegar with one gallon of cool water. Wipe dry with a towel.

Never use tape on your floors. It can take up the finish.

Never wax a Swedish finished floor.

Vacuum with a wide brush attachment, broom, or dust mop.

Do not use spray type dusting aids.

If you have a Swedish Finish you can purchase maintenance products at .

You can also purchase water based products from Bonax hardwood at or call 1-800-574-4674.

Many clients ask about Murphy's wood floor oil soap. Murphy's oil soap must be rinsed 100% after use.

We are ready to make your home beautiful. Call us at 206-762-4233 to schedule a free on-site estimate or get at online estimate. And take a look at our hardwood gallery to see samples of our work.

We were very happy with the job that Christian Brothers did. They show up on time, work hard, and then clean up after themselves. It was a joy to work with them. We absolutely love our floors! - Joe Smith, Seattle, WA

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